Think in 3D, from start to finish.


Dtail comes with a starter library of 3D model out of the box. Assign fully featured, neutrally styled virtual samples temporarily as placeholders, while you work out the broad strokes of the line plan. Mix and match silhouettes and colors, to start building the foundation of your next seasonal collection.


Adjust and refine the offering later with marketing and POS material, sketches and tailor-made, high-quality virtual samples. Dtail allows you to attach notes, images and other material to styles, for clearer communication and easier alignment. You will be able to merchandise your flagship stores in life-like 3D environments and receive auto-merchandised renders with the click of a button.


Innovate and optimize your B2B sales process by replacing physical mock-up stores with fully merchandized 3D store environments. Present interactive, fully merchandized virtual stores, catered to your accounts' every wish. Save time and resources, all while selling more effectively.


Watch the video below to get a better understanding of our platform. Make sure to also check out our auto-merchandise capabilities HERE.


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